About Us

Lange Group was founded in 2005 and is one of Asia’s leading independent full-service international brokerage houses in Tokyo. In October of 2012 we successfully opened our new headquarters in Hong Kong. We offer each of our clients a fully comprehensive array of margin funding, broking and advisory services alongside financial analysis of companies and individuals. When it comes to Lange Group’s broking services, we are first choice based on client satisfaction. Lange Group has always firmly believed that the first priority when it comes to their clients should be to meet their needs and goals. To achieve this, we ensure that when constructing your portfolio with us, that it is designed with you in mind. Your portfolio manager will get to know you both financially and personally, so that they are able to build a portfolio that is effective and relevant to your needs.

Working with a Lange Group portfolio manager you will have access to more than your local markets, by working with an international company like us, you will gain access to opportunities from all around the world. With access to the global financial markets anytime, and having access to all the necessary tools to be successful in the markets, you will know that your financial future is in good hands. Opening an account with Lange Group is both fast and simple, you don’t require years of experience in investing to become a client with us, as long as you want to better your financial future, we are happy to work with you.

We know that our experience in the financial industry has been a key factor in our success, being able to integrate the wealth of experience our portfolio managers have with the knowledge we have gained over our years of operation has been the pinnacle in the profitability of our clients portfolios. With the success we have shown our clients over the years, we have had the pleasure of our clients returning again and again, and choosing Lange Group as their preferred choice in the financial industry. Lange Group are proud to be able to show their clients the great success we have, and incorporate that with a highly focused team of client service officers to give our clients the best possible experience when working with us.

The reason why many of our clients choose to use an offshore service like Lange Group offers, is that they are no longer restricted to investment opportunities in only their local markets. When opening an account with us here at Lange Group you will have access to all major markets, and exchanges which can maximize your portfolio’s profit by working for you 24 hours a day. Whether you are an experienced investor or are looking at starting a portfolio, the markets can be very rewarding, but this of course comes with certain risks. Lange Group has always believed in being honest, and transparent with their clients when it comes to the risks surrounding their investments. The first contact with your new broker is of vital importance when it comes to your portfolio, as there are a number of factors that need to be taken in to consideration. Our team will talk with you, and ask questions to attain the level of risk you are comfortable with, and what your goals are, this way your broker can find suitable investments that will be chosen specifically for you.

Our team of highly experienced financial advisors work closely with each of our clients to ensure that they are shown the correct financial plans for their needs. We are committed to bringing our clients the opportunity to diversify their portfolios over investments that they are comfortable with, and they will be happy to pursue. Not only will our team create a unique and diversified portfolio for you, they can also incorporate a new investment strategy into your existing portfolio, which in turn will ensure that your portfolio is performing at a level that you are more than happy with.

Lange Group are a global pioneer in financial services and advice, offering unique solutions to many of the world’s leading corporations in a plethora of different industries and sectors. In addition to our corporate investment assistance, we are also the choice brokerage for a large number of globally diverse public figures.