Education Planning

The cost of secondary and tertiary education has rocketed over the last three decades, as the necessary skills that are required to efficiently compete in today’s global economy have been higher than ever before. A Lange Group educational savings plan can efficiently assist you in creating and managing a more effective savings plan, while ensuring that you are better prepared, and are on the right path for your child’s success.

Lange Group educational brokers, design their portfolios specifically for the purpose of educational savings. The Lange Group plan is a tax advantaged savings account that is designed with the future in mind, and is created to invest your capital for your child’s educational needs. Each of our educational plans are designed with minimum risk, to ensure a safe road to financial success. We understand that Life Happens, and if your child does not require all the funds in your savings account for their education, you always retain control. The benefit of working with a Lange Group financial advisor is that you are able to change your portfolio as it suits you, turning an education fund into a retirement fund, or a secondary source of income. If you already have another portfolio with us, you can also withdraw from your educational savings account and use your capital as you see fit.

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