Equity Capital Markets

Lange Group are a well established and globally recognized pioneer in the international capital raising sector. Over the years we have built solid foundations based on our superior origination strength and network structuring expertise which has allowed us to excel in our distribution capabilities. Lange Group have a diverse and extensive reach inside the Equity Capital Market sector, and due to the network we have established through the years we are able to provide our clients with more access to a greater number of profitable investment opportunities.

Our large and dedicated team, are able to assist other areas of our company with a good portion of the research, distribution, and reporting of a plethora of opportunities that our research team bring to their attention.

Lange Group origination capabilities include:

  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Follow-on Common Stock Issues
  • Convertible Issues
  • Private Placements

Lange Group’s highly experienced equity capital market division provide each of their clients with access to a large number of alternative investments including, IPO’s (initial public offerings), secondary offerings, and a diverse range of other alternative investment opportunities that are perfect for enhancing your investment portfolio. When looking at alternative investment strategies, Lange Group will work closely with you to determine whether your risk tolerance and other key factors will make you suited to the placements. With such a broad spectrum of potential investments, your Lange Group advisor will work with you to find the right balance of investments for your portfolio, and ensure that you are on the right path to financial success.