Career with Lange Group

If you are looking for an opportunity in the finance industry, and are looking to join a company who are simplifying investing for corporations, business’ and individuals around the world then Lange Group is the right workplace for you. As part of the Lange Group team, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills from within, and have the ability to advance your career as your employment progresses. If you are looking to have uncapped potential, and are wanting to help improve the lives of our clients from all over the world, please see below for the current positions we have available.

Featured Positions

Providing sound financial advice and guiding our clients to their financial success are only two of the positions available at Lange Group, every day we are looking to expand our team, so if you are holding a finance related degree, and are looking to be part of our team please contact us today.

Lange Group Financial solutions advisor

job Description

Working as part of our front line team, the position of financial solutions advisor is available financial professionals who have already had five years experience in the financial industry. Your main focus will be to provide your clients with unique personalized advice that is created with your client in mind. The advice you present will be backed by our research team, and alongside financial advice you will also be tasked with guiding your clients to make the right financial decisions on their path to financial security.

Lange Group Investment Specialist


Lange Group have a number of internship opportunities available at different times of the year, we believe that equal opportunities should not only apply to our clients but our team as well. If you are a freshly graduated finance degree holder, with limited experience in the markets, we would be happy to hear from you, with so many opportunities to grow form within our company, this may be the right place to start your financial career.

Training & Development

Throughout your financial career with us here at Lange Group you will be involved with a company that truly cares about their employees, and provides them with a platform where growth and advancement are always in front of them. Lange Group provides each of their interns with personalized coaching from some of the most experienced financial experts in Tokyo, as well as on the job training. By conducting our internships this way, you will have the ability to gain the required skills, and experience to excel in your position, and reach your full potential. Lange Group believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to grow and expand their horizons, so if you have a finance related degree and have not yet found the right workplace for you contact us today to see what positions we have available.

Lange Group Benefits

Lange Group is a firm believer that hard work, and talent should be rewarded, which is why we invest heavily in the advancement of our employees. We are proud to be a company that supports and ever growing team of dedicated hard working individuals who experience some of the most powerful benefits in the finance industry, including fully comprehensive health insurance, retirement planning, and a flexible personal/work balance. We understand that too much work can make the brightest bulbs dim, so we ensure that our team are well rested, and able to bring our clients the best possible service every time.

Our internship program has a lot of interest, for your best chance at getting involved please make your application at least six months in advance to make sure you have the best chance. For more information regarding our internship program and to speak with one of our team, contact us today.