Investment Banking

Lange Group’s investment banking sector is primarily focused on delivering personalized tailor made financial solutions to our diverse client base, comprised of local and international foreign corporations, banks, private investment funds, non-banking institutions, and mid to high net worth individuals. Lange Group is especially active in the sector by raising debt financing for our clients through a multitude of methods including private placements, convertible bonds and notes, project/share/asset based financing, hybrid instruments alongside other customized financial products.

Lange group also offers their clients access to our equity underwriting capabilities, which include IPO’s (initial public offerings), block share placements, Secondary Offerings, and convertible securities. Lange Group are also able to provide a comprehensive range of financial advisory services to our clients who are currently undertaking Mergers and acquisitions, divestiture, restructuring, leveraged buyouts, recapitalization, or spin-offs. When looking at the buy-side or where ever else needed, our expert team can assist you in the obtaining of the required financing to create a unique solution, and to address potential strategic investment approaches.

Within the Investment banking sector, Lange Group works with a diverse range of issuer clients, including governments, institutions, corporations, and more. Our team of dedicated investment bankers, provides our clients with fully comprehensive strategic advice, risk management expertise and capital raising. With a highly motivated research team constructed of industry specialists, Lange Group are able to serve our clients in the rapidly evolving markets around the world.

Lange Group has always believed in serving our clients with the client at the center of any decision making. Over the years this has ensured that our clients receive top of the range service delivered in a top of the range way. Lange Group strive to create and maintain long term financial relationships with each of our clients, by always taking a forward looking approach, and identifying strategies that will assist our clients reach their important business and personal objectives.

We serve the ever evolving needs of our clients around the world across:

  • Consumer & Retail
  • Diversified Industries
  • Energy
  • Financial Institutions & Governments
  • Financial Sponsors
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate & Lodging
  • Technology, Media & Telecom