Personal Wealth Management

Lange Group provides our clients with advice across a large number of asset classes, dependant on your tolerance to risk, our team of highly experienced brokers will ensure that you are involved with the best possible investment opportunities that will ultimately reach and exceed your financial goals and aspirations. Lange Group is a true believer that clients should always come first when making any decision regarding their finances. The main focus of our personal portfolio management plans, is to design, create and execute a thoroughly researched and unique portfolio that is in line with your financial needs and preferences in the markets.

Being an international brokerage we have invested heavily into our research department, to bring our clients a broad selection of investment opportunities from a plethora of industries and sectors. In conducting our business in this manner, we are able to offer our clients some of the most cost effective and efficient solutions for their personal portfolio.

Lange Group understands that when you are looking to have a fully managed portfolio that it must be both flexible and efficient, our team of experienced financial professionals are here to assist you in creating a unique tailor made portfolio that is suited to your needs. When designing your portfolio there are many options you can choose to be involved with from fixed income investments, equity, CDC’s, commodities or a mixture, the possibilities are endless. By utilizing our vast network of financial partners we have the ability to offer our clients innovative strategies that are personalized for them. With a diverse client base such as ours, we need to have the ability to offer an equally diverse range of investments, and alternative investments.

Lange Group understands that there is not a blanket investment strategy for everyone, so when making decisions on your personal portfolio, your broker will take into consideration many factors that they will discuss with you, including risk tolerance and corporate preference in the markets. With that in mind, Lange Group knows that each individual has a different approach to the market, which is why we offer tailored solutions for the individual without the need for investment pooling, or mutual funds. The reason we do this is many clients we have worked with over the years, want to truly feel like they own the product they are investing into, and by offering them securities they directly own, they can truly feel part of the company.

Lange Group has a wealth of experience in the global capital markets, and in our time of operation we have come to understand that as an investor, to feel truly comfortable in the markets you should always have up to date information regarding how and where you capital is working for you. Unlike many of the larger more well known financial institutions, the advice we offer our clients, is nothing more than advice, our brokers will never make a decision for you. Our team supply you with all the relevant information regarding your investment plan, and then allow you to make a fully informed decision based on the in depth research and analysis conducted by our research department.

Our advisors here at Lange Group have the required financial industry knowledge, the years of expertise, and intensive training to be able to manage your portfolio in an efficient and effective manner. Speak with one of our advisors today to see how we can assist you, on the path to financial freedom.