Why Us

Lange Group has become a pillar in the international financial marketplace, and are proud to assist each of our clients pursue and exceed their financial goals. In our efforts to ensure our clients financial success we are also determined to relieve the stress that is caused by an uncertain financial future by giving our clients more time to focus on the more important parts of their life, including their career and family. All of our services have one thing in common, be it our financial advice, brokerage service, or retirement portfolio planning, each of our services are built with you at the center.

The benefit of working with Lange Group is that although we are a large size brokerage, we work with each of our clients as if we were a boutique brokerage, giving each of our clients the personal level of service that they deserve and sometimes require when working with their finances. The reason that Lange Group clients come back time after time, is that we get to know our clients, and only offer them relevant advice, that fits their criteria.

The client broker relationship is of vital importance to us here at Lange Group and we will work closely with you to ensure that as a client of ours, you get the best possible service and equally great advice. If you are ready to work with a financial advisory and investment firm who thinks differently to others, one that cares equally as much about what you invest in as why you're investing – you’re ready to work with Lange Group.

Working with a Lange Group Personal Financial Advisor

Whether you have years of experience investing in the financial markets under your belt, or are new to investing, you deserve the best of the best, and when working with one of our personal financial advisors, you will instantly be able to tell that you have made the right decision. Lange Group has built a strong reputation based on their ability to deliver our clients a personalized service time and time again. We know that there are many brokers that simply give you an update every 6 months, here at Lange Group we treat you with the respect you deserve, and have been doing this for our clients for years.

How Lange Group can help you?

Being in the investment and financial industry as long as we have, we understand that investing can be a daunting and complicated task. Lange Group know that when our clients look at an investment, they will have questions, and we encourage you to ask all the questions you may have, and we will answer them for you in simple plain English. When working with one of experienced brokers, they will become your long-term financial assistant. When it comes to your financial aspirations, your goals are just as important to us as they are to you, and you need to work with someone who listens to you and understands what it is that is important to you.

We believe that conducting ourselves this way is the best way to develop a lasting financial relationship, and ensure that you have a profitable financial portfolio.

Our team are always available to you

We know how important it is to be working with a company that can offer you comprehensive and transparent advice that you can rely on and trust. That is why Lange Group’s highly experienced, and registered financial advisors are available to fulfill your requests by phone, email and our online chat. We know that there is not always going to be a good time to talk, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that you are always able to speak with your broker.

Powerful trading tools designed for you

Whether you are an active and experienced trader, or life long investor, Lange Group’s team of highly motivated and dedicated financial professionals will assist you, and give you everything you need to research stocks, execute trades, and manage your growing portfolio. Your broker will be available to point you in the right direction for real time stock quotes, and give you access to specialists with industry specific experience on the trading floor.

Your needs, our solutions

When you have a financial goal you want to achieve, you need to be working with a brokerage that can keep up and offer you solutions when you need them. Working with Lange Group you are able to trade and invest how you feel comfortable, with access to a large number of investment choices. Lange Group gives you access to bonds & CDs, Stocks, non-proprietary mutual funds, ETFs, forex, crypto currencies and more to diversify your portfolio further.

Investment Education

Lange Group gives you the ability to learn as you trade, which enables you to make smarter investing decisions by having access to a large number of resources. Working with one of our brokers you will have access to timely videos and articles, an immersive trading training program, and engaging worldwide in person events hosted by Lange Group. By giving our clients access to learn more about their investments and how our brokers and researchers make the decisions they do, this gives them a whole new perspective to investing.

Research and market insights, you can trust

While on the way to your financial success, you will gain access to Lange Group’s huge network of researchers and independent financial investigators. With the information that our teams gather at your fingertips, you will be able to truly see the value and power of the information that we use here at Lange Group. Our team will guide you and assist you in becoming a very knowledgeable investor in the markets.