Our Approach

Client Focused

Every financial advisory house has principles, and in most cases they are just a copy of each other. Since our foundation Lange Group has believed that we are different from other large scale brokerages in a lot of ways. Our focus, and client approach was created with our clients at the fore thought of every decision we make. Lange Group does not just make claims of personal service for our clients, we actively deliver them a personal service.

Your dedicated financial advisor

Your first go to point of contact when conducting business with Lange Group, one of the most vital parts to your financial success and our long built reputation is based on the relationship that you and your broker share. When it comes to your finances and decisions regarding your finances, an internet search or a prerecorded voice message is not going to help you make a decision. Lange Group’s team of financial advisors get to know you, and will contact you as an old friend, truly building the foundation of a successful business partnership. Each of our advisors understand that when you choose a brokerage you want to work with real people, which is why they will spend time getting to know you, the reasons you are investing, and will then develop a personalized unique strategy that will fit your needs.

Tailored for individual investors

While many brokerages, and investment advisory firms are focused more on the larger institutions, Lange Group prefer to focus on the individual investor. Our founders instilled the belief in our teams that client satisfaction is worth more than commissions, which is why all of the resources we provide to our clients, including investment research and analysis, online account access, simplified statements, and detailed portfolio reports are developed with the individual investor in mind. Although there is no blanket investment strategy that fits everyone, there is one thing that does, and that is the need for plain and simple information that everyone can understand, so no matter what your knowledge of the investment world, you can be sure that you will fully understand each decision before you make it.

Experienced support team

Behind every successful brokerage, is a team of dedicated support staff, without which the company would simply fall. Here at Lange Group we understand the importance of having a well built company structure supported by a foundation of background support. When working with Lange Group you will have access to researchers, research reports, client services, and more. This enables us as a company to deliver you with the best possible service every time.

Lange Group has spent years gaining the necessary knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complicated financial jargon and questions. With a large number of financial institutions claiming to focus on their clients, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients can truly see that our clients always come first. Since our foundation Lange Group have positioned themselves, and grown to provide each of our clients with the respect, attention, and high quality service that you deserve.

When it comes to investing in the markets, there is never a one size fits all strategy, and we understand this. Every investor invests for different reasons, and has their own unique path they wish to travel, and our portfolios are designed to achieve what is most important to you as an individual. With this in mind, your Lange Group broker will take the time to get to know you, and understand exactly what you are looking to accomplish with your investments, and your current financial situation. Once yourself, and your broker have established what it is you are looking to achieve they will work with you to create and develop a personalized financial strategy that you will be comfortable with.

Our Values

The values of a company define their motivation in the industry. Our values at Lange Group define who we are, and guide us in our day to day lives both internally with our colleagues, and externally when we are conducting business with our clients. By being focused on meeting and delivering our values to each other, our teams are able to be at one with each of our clients needs and goals, and help them achieve them.

Dedicated, talented and responsible financial advisors, from a diverse geographic are the essential ingredients we require, that enables us as a company to fulfill our clients wishes, and meet their investment goals. Every time we speak with a new client, and begin the process of creating a new portfolio for them we always ensure that we are following our values. Creating unique portfolios that are tailored to our clients needs by being innovative is one of the main focuses here at Lange Group. Our aim is to create a working atmosphere which promotes creative thinking, essentially leading to practical and efficient solutions for our clients.